The Virtual Reality Experience at BIFF, From Galvanize - Boulder International Film Festival

The Virtual Reality Experience at BIFF, From Galvanize

The Virtual Reality Experience at BIFF, From Galvanize

by Serena Rathi

Photo by: Malone Images

Want to escape to Iceland, the Serengeti or Peru? You easily can at the BIFF Virtual Reality Pavilion located at Galvanize Boulder, 1023 Walnut Street. As technology has greatly evolved and advanced in the past decade the way we tell stories has too. Virtual reality is an entirely new way to share the beauty, language, and experience of what film brings.

The VR experience at Galvanize leaves you feeling like you just spent a month on a dream vacation. All you have to do is stop by Galvanize from noon-8pm on Saturday and 1-4pm on Sunday, put on the VR goggles and start dreaming. Imagine feeling like you are actually over the Serengeti in Africa, watching the wild animals roam or being in the rapids of the beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. You can be there if you just put on the VR goggles and start imagining.

Not only can you bring virtual reality to life but BIFF has several VR films which include Strangers directed by Romain Vakilitabar & Scott Lynch, Wild Animal Vision directed by Reality Garage, Lake Sibinacocha directed by Reality Garage, Dunkirk: Save Every Breath directed by Matthew Lewis, Home Turf: Iceland directed by Tim Kemple, The Party directed by Anrick Bregman & Shehani Fernando, Snowball directed by Amaury Campion, Clément Cerles, Bashir’s Dream directed by Angel Soto, As it Is directed by Thomas Hayden, Bears Ears: Bikepacking Lockhart Basin directed by Fitz Cahall, Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars directed by David Sterling, Old Friend directed by Tyler Hurd, Mindshow and Intel VR Olympics developed by Intel.

Don’t miss out on these amazing short films that will take you to places you never even imagined of. This experience not only shares incredible true stories, but you get a sense of what other parts of the world are like. Just take a moment to daydream and stop on by our VR panel discussion Saturday, February 24 at 2pm at Galvanize where you can learn all about VR and how it has made a huge impact on storytelling.

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