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Green Initiative

Sustainable BIFF!

Starring you!

Every single BIFF attendee, vendor, sponsor, and volunteer contributes to turning our 2021 sustainability dreams into reality! Reusing and reducing are far and away the most effective ways to save our environment: keep it up! Still, we humans cannot entirely avoid making waste, nor can we avoid needing to move ourselves and our belongings around. Here are a few ways you can bring earth-friendliness to BIFF:

-WASTE: BIFF supports The City of Boulder’s Zero Waste initiative! We ask your help in sending at least 85% of attendee waste to compost and recycling, while sending a maximum of 15% to the landfill. Check out these pointers on how and where to dispose of what you use.

-TRANSPORTATION: consider using a bicycle, the bus, or your own two feet! BIFF is conveniently located right in the heart of Downtown Boulder, and The Hop is cost-free to BIFF ticket holders, pass holders and volunteers. Spare yourself the hassles of heavy traffic, finding parking, and paying for a space. Get in those steps instead! Or enjoy the many bike lanes Boulder has to offer instead! If an automobile is still your choice, consider carpooling with neighbors or family members. We hope you’ll consider a contribution to minimizing BIFF’s carbon footprint.

-ENGAGEMENT: The Call 2 Action Program, gives a platform to local nonprofits who advocate for the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues come to guide you on translating your passion and energy into concrete action. Our social responsibility at BIFF is to provide a platform for these programs to share their educational points with all festival-goers. We recommend checking out these BIFF 2021 Call 2 Action films:






-BE KIND: Greener BIFF means kinder BIFF. Offer your fellow attendees a smile, a handshake, a high-five! A greener world grows from fertile soil, after all 🙂

Pop over to view the history of BIFF’s Sustainability if you’re curious about our beginnings and our past years’ metrics!

BIFF 2021 Green Partners

Our Green Partner Pledge is available for all who wish to sign. (Yep: that means YOU!) We extend a heartfelt thank you to those who have committed to helping us reach our Zero Waste goals and have committed to examining their everyday operations for alignment with environmental and social responsibility.

Thank you to our sponsors and partners!

Eco-Cycle, who help us to recycle and compost responsibly; Respect Your Mother Recycling, who diligently transport our festival waste powered only on burritos and a love of mother earthCommunity Cycles, who keep the cyclists at RYM outfitted with safety gear; The HOP Boulder, who move our festival attendees and volunteers around; Docuknowledge Media, who create videos to educate on greening our lifestyles; Tess Lackey Multimedia, whose multimedia communications focuses the Green Team’s marketing messaging; Dan McGrotty, who captures BIFF sustainability in striking images; and to our priceless festival volunteers! Teamwork makes the green dream work!

Bus + Bike Around BIFF

Public transportation is easy around BIFF! The City of Boulder’s frequent bus routes conveniently connect the many venues. Downtown Boulder can be limited and expensive, we recommend finding the bus route that works best for you.

Questions or Comments on Sustainability

Want to know more about our Green Initiative or how you can help during the festival (like joining the Sustainability Team)? Contact our Green Team Program Lead, Rachel Salvay.

Learn more about all of our gracious sponsors at the full sponsors list landing page!

See more sponsors at our insider news page!