Volunteer Festival Staff Opportunities


Want to be part of the 15th year of an unforgettable Boulder tradition?  Come join us as a member of the BIFF 2019 Festival Staff!  The following volunteer opportunities are available if you’d like a behind-the-scenes look at planning the Festival.  If you’re qualified and want to learn more, please contact jane@biff1.com. 

Please click on the Shiftboard button below and fill out a new volunteer registration form so we can get to know you better.  

Current Volunteer Festival Staff Positions

Volunteer Support is the behind-the-scenes team that ensures everyone is ready for Opening Night!  We’re looking to grow our bench of dedicated, detail-oriented and computer-savvy Volunteer Support Coordinators who know the intricacies of the Festival schedule and team structures.  Together, we:

  • recruit and register new Festival Staff and Festival Crew volunteers
  • assist incoming and returning volunteers with navigating Shiftboard (shift scheduling, communications, team management)
  • respond to volunteer inquiries; communicate important info to Festival volunteers
  • manage Volunteer Orientation
  • check-in volunteers at venues during the Festival

This person helps the Festival Tent Manager prepare and facilitate the BIFF 2019 Festival Tent on the Pearl Street Mall. The position consists of working with Sponsor management to acquire drinks and food, working with Call2Action Lead to coordinate talkbacks, and organizing tent music and artistic events for the weekend. It also includes managing the Tent during the Festival itself.

Volunteers in this group are each responsible for producing one or two of our very special parties during the Festival. You’ll be working independently for the most part, so it’s a good idea to have an event production background. If you’re interested in being an Associate Event Producer, this is a great place to learn about event production.

Community Marketing volunteers are some of the savviest marketers in Boulder!  Join this group of industry professionals and help get the word out about one of the best film programs in the country.

BIFF is looking for someone with a general technical background to help with a couple of projects during the Festival. We’re going to have HD monitors and wi-fi setups running in various locations around the Festival. This person would help make the plan and lead the team of volunteers responsible for installing and maintaining the BIFF technical infrastructure during the Festival.

BIFF is seeking experienced Stage Managers to help us keep our film programs informative, efficient, and running on schedule. This is a volunteer position that requires a good deal of technical expertise, theatrical or production experience, and great people skills. You’ll be leading a team that includes video projection, sound, and lighting. And you’ll be communicating directly with BIFF moderators and guests. If you’re interested in being an Assistant Stage Manager, this is a great place to learn about stage management.

If you have production experience, BIFF needs your help running day-to-day operations during the Festival.  BIFF Production Managers are responsible for managing the show office and coordinating the efforts of our fabulous Production Assistants as we work to support all of the activities throughout the Festival and keep things running smoothly.  If you’re interested in being a Production Assistant, this is a great place to learn about event production.

If you’d like to explore our Festival Teams and Festival Crew roles, please click here.