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Festival Volunteer Staff

Festival Volunteer Staff Opportunities

BIFF’s success depends on our fun-loving and hardworking volunteers. BIFF Volunteer Staff Members take on larger festival leadership roles and gain a behind-the-scenes look at planning BIFF. BIFF Volunteer Staff who work more than 50 hours qualify for a wide range of volunteer benefits.

BIFF is currently recruiting Volunteer Staff Members for BIFF 2023 including:

Moderator Coordinator
Festival Signage Manager
Theater Box Office Managers
Stage Managers
Event Managers

Take a look at our Staff leadership roles below. Some roles do require experience or expertise. If you have time to commit and want to learn more about opportunities for our upcoming season, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Megan Dawson at megand@biff1.com.

Event Manager

Event Managers are responsible for supporting one or two of our very special parties during the Festival.  Some advanced work is required but the bulk of the work is managing the event night-of. You’ll be working independently for the most part, so it’s a good idea to have an event background.  

Production Manager

Production Managers are responsible for managing the show office and coordinating the efforts of our fabulous Production Assistants as we work to support all of the activities throughout the Festival and keep things running smoothly.  If you’re interested in being a Production Assistant, this is a great place to learn about event production.

Stage Manager

BIFF is seeking experienced Stage Managers to help us keep our film programs informative, efficient, and running on schedule. This role requires a good deal of technical expertise, theatrical or production experience, and great people skills. You’ll be leading a team that includes video projection, sound, and lighting. And you’ll be communicating directly with BIFF moderators and guests. If you’re interested in being an Assistant Stage Manager, this is a great place to learn about stage management.

House Manager

During the Festival, our team of amazing House Managers are the glue that holds everything together. They are in charge of managing our film venues, our audience, and our volunteer staff. They are some of the brightest, most fun people in Boulder. They make sure the Festival is running smoothly by communicating with other departments, including stage management, box office, line managers and others. Folks in this position are great communicators and have usually had some level of management experience.

Line Manager

At BIFF we’re all about making sure that people are having a good time.  That job starts with all the wonderful customers who line up to see our films.   As a line manager you are responsible for leading a team of crew volunteers to ensure customers are in the right lines (pass holder, ticket holder, etc.), educating customers on how to do mobile voting, and controlling the flow of people in and out of the theater at the proper time. When possible Line Managers also help entertain customers with trivia questions and handing out prizes, and provide answers to customer questions. They are the on the “front lines” of the festival and must enjoy interacting with customers.

Festival Signage Manger

Do you have graphic design experience and want to help us create venue signage for BIFF? The Signage Manager creates professional informational signs for our film and party venues.

Moderator Coordinator

The Moderator Coordinator Volunteer works closely with the BIFF Director and Producer to create one-page moderator script templates for each of our 50-70 BIFF films. We are looking for a detail-oriented volunteer with strong communication and writing skills and good follow-through. This volunteer role requires roughly 20 hours per week (20 – 30 hours of time) from February 10 – March 5th. During the festival, the Moderator Coordinator may also work with theater and stage managers as needed to make/communicate any last-minute schedule or script changes. Must be available for the entire weekend of March 2-5.

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If you’re interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact megand@biff1.com.  Also, please click on the Shiftboard link below and fill out a new volunteer registration form so we can get to know you better.

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