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Content Writer: Neriah England

This past Friday, the Boulder International Film Festival released this summer’s program. BIFF offers a variety of wonderful things from our beautiful community to astonishing films, food, music, and of course absurd amounts of fun.

There is a lot going on and you don’t want to miss out on any musicians or films calling your name… so we’ve made it easier on you. You can plan your ideal festival itinerary. The program provides all festival-goers with an organized overview of the entire four-day-long production, allowing you to figure out the way YOU want to BIFF.

FILMs of all different genres will be showing at BIFF and there are many ways you can watch whether it be through buying individual film program tickets, attending the virtual screenings at home, or going to the opening night film and possibly the red carpet gala. Prices differ, see the program for details about passes.

MUSIC is showcased throughout the festival. Musicians and performers from the Boulder-Denver area come together to put on the singer-songwriter showcase, as well as pre-shows prior to the films and at some events. Music is a big part of BIFF, what’s a party without it?

PARTIES at BIFF include the Green Carpet Gala, Community Fair, Closing Night, VIP Filmmaker, and CineCHEF. The community fair is open to the public. For all other events, visit the program and buy your tickets!

FOOD at Rayback Collective will be hosting the CineChef culinary showcase. Opening night will feature appetizers from local Boulder restaurants, as well as beverages from Francis Ford Coppola Winery and beers and seltzers from Upslope Brewery.

TRANSPORTATION is made easy with our QR code that gets you free garage parking downtown. The Hop bus will also be giving free rides, just show them your ticket or pass!

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