A Spot for Superb Cocktails, Singer/Songwriters, and Jams - Boulder International Film Festival

A Spot for Superb Cocktails, Singer/Songwriters, and Jams

A Spot for Superb Cocktails, Singer/Songwriters,

 and Jams at The James



March 3, 2022

Mack Costley, Writer //

If ever there was a spot in Boulder that could take BIFF’s international appeal and appellation and make it manifest for a musical night of unforgettable imbibing, vibing, and taco-buying, courtesy of McDevitt Taco Supply, it would be The Spotted James. Under the hotly-cool, red and blue neons, The James’s horseshoe-shaped cocktail-turned-pub bar played visual counterpoint, and perfect, spirituous accompaniment, to last night’s three hour romp for our annual Singer/Songwriter Showcase. 

While the drinks were flowing and the chairs were filling, the likes of Finn O’Sullivan, Dennis Wanebo, Wrenn and Ian, Mark Oblinger, Janis Kelly, The Strangebyrds, and Laurie Dameron – (“Laurie D,” a Boulder fan-favorite), who was kind enough to chat, taco in hand, about her involvement in the festival and the showcase, showing her love for Boulder’s art scene, she spoke of how honored she felt to be playing alongside so many talented musicians, and her love of “fantastic” event organizer, BIFF’s own Lisa Bell – tuned, strummed, chatted, and hummed until 6pm rolled, and rocked, around. And then, with that unmistakable sense of support, of community pride in this Boulder coming-together of traditions old and new, flowing through the amps and filling up the air, all eyes were on that wonderful, brightly-lit, BIFF stage. Show time. 

One by one, our local artists laid down tracks that struck a chord, stirred the soul, encouraged environmental activism, and warmed the hearts of one an all with calls for inclusion and unity in our ever-changing world, and with BIFF mainstay Ron Bostwick’s thanks in between acts for BIFF sponsors and supporters, be they restaurants, shops, breweries, or other Boulder hallmarks, it truly was a night to celebrate all that makes BIFF – all that makes Boulder, makes song and dance, food and drink, community and togetherness – what it is: a wild, wonderful, and always-welcome ride. 

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