Learn more about 2020 Gift Packs! - Boulder International Film Festival

Learn more about 2020 Gift Packs!

Learn more about 2020 Gift Packs!

Written by Sophia Harris – The new year and the holiday season is upon us as we are about to enter a new decade! With so many holidays approaching, people are looking for that perfect present. Whether it be for a significant other, younger sibling or your parents, an experience always trumps a thing when it comes to meaningful gift giving. The Boulder International Film Festival offers gift packs for that special gift you’ve been looking for. Here’s a guide on what you need to know about our gift packs:

What are gift packs?
Gift packs come in three increments, $30, $60 or $90, meaning you get a certain amount of individual film screenings with each one. The $30 one comes with two individual screenings. The $60 comes with four and the $90 comes with six. It’s about the same price as seeing a movie in theaters, so it’s a great deal!

What kind of films can I choose from?
The official BIFF 2020 calendar will be available February 14th of 2020. It will detail every film and event happening at BIFF and it will be available on our website. Valentine’s Day is the perfect release date because a gift pack makes the perfect V-Day gift for your S.O.

Can I get a few tickets for the same film or does it need to be separate films?
You can get whatever you want! Gift packs are good for all tickets to different films, or multiple tickets for the same film. That way, you can bring friends or family with you. This makes for the ultimate gift giving experience!

Stock up for the holidays while they’re still here… Get your gift packs now or go big with a festival pass!

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