Volunteer Festival Crew Opportunities


BIFF’s success depends on our fun-loving and hardworking volunteers!  Come join us as a member of the BIFF 2019 Festival Crew!  Please click on the Shiftboard button below and fill out a new volunteer registration form so we can get to know you better.

Volunteer Festival Crew members join their favorite Festival Teams and book at least 8 hours during BIFF to receive their full volunteer benefits (ticket vouchers, BIFF t-shirt and badge, special offers, etc).  We’ll post Festival Crew shifts on February 9th.

Festival Teams

As we approach the Festival, our BIFF Front Office volunteers help support the Festival Management Team.  BIFF Front Office volunteers are based out of our offices at 2338 Broadway in Boulder.  They’re a friendly, dynamic crew that can easily transition from answering ticketing and volunteer inquiries to assisting in administrative projects.

Box Office volunteers handle ticketing, sales, and will call at Festival venues.  We’re very busy before showings but often have the opportunity to see films.

Call2Action is our showcase of films that have compelling messages that filmgoers may want to learn more about.  Our motto is “You’ve been moved?  Now get moving!”  Volunteers in Call2Action line up non-profit partners whose missions support the film’s message and facilitate TalkBacks afterwards, often with filmmakers, activists, and professionals to explore concepts raised in key films during the Festival.

Community Marketing volunteers are some of the savviest marketers in Boulder!  Join this group of industry professionals and help get the word out about one of the best film programs in the country.

Our Digital/Social Media volunteers broadcast information about the Festival and engage attendees through social media.

Events volunteers help produce our very special parties during the Festival. From greeters and servers to TIPS certified bartenders, our volunteers ensure our guests have a wonderful experience. Events include Opening Night Gala, Filmmaker Lounge, CineCHEF, and more.

Merchandise volunteers help sell and promote BIFF merchandise.  Excellent customer service is required and cash handling and Square experience is preferred.

Volunteers on this team provide media coverage during the Festival, interview filmmakers, and record the activities and general atmosphere of the Festival.  Crew roles include field producers, interviewers, video camera operators, still camera operators, location sound recordists and mixers, and Final Cut or Adobe Premiere editors with their own laptops.

BIFF needs your help running day-to-day operations during the Festival.  If you’re interested in being a Production Assistant, this is a great place to learn about event production.  If you have production experience, we’d love to have you onboard as a Production Manager.  BIFF Production Managers are responsible for managing the show office and coordinating the efforts of our fabulous Production Assistants as we work to support all of the activities throughout the Festival and keep things running smoothly.

The BIFF Program book is the most comprehensive guide to the Festival available. It’s also the principal signal to the community that the Festival is coming soon!  Volunteers in Program Distribution travel across the Front Range delivering Programs to businesses, coffee shops, waiting rooms, etc.  All together, we distribute over 30,000 BIFF Programs and directly improve our box office success!

Our friendly Registration volunteers provide Festival badges to pass holders, sponsors, and filmmakers.  They pass out volunteer credentials and coordinate with other teams to make sure check-in runs smoothly.

Volunteers in Stage Management help us keep our film programs informative, efficient, and running on schedule.  And they communicate directly with BIFF moderators and guests.  We’re looking for experienced Stage Managers who have a good deal of technical expertise, theatrical or production experience, and great people skills.  You’ll be leading a team that includes video projection, sound, and lighting.  If you’re interested in being an Assistant Stage Manager, this is a great place to learn about Stage Management.

Volunteers in Setup-Strike rise early or retire late to make the Festival run smoothly.  They load in equipment, hang curtains and screens, and wrap locations.

Volunteers in Sustainability work with our partners at Eco-Cycle to fulfill our Zero Waste efforts for the Festival.  And they educate guests at each venue on how to use our recycle, compost, and trash containers.

During the Festival, Venues volunteers help facilitate our many film venues and the Festival Tent.  They work in concert with Stage Managers, Box Office, Production Assistants, and others to ensure the smooth execution of the Festival venues.  They also interact with Festival customers to ensure an excellent experience for everyone.  Festival Crew positions include the Usher role, which is a multi-functional role involving line management, ushering, People’s Choice voting and surveys, as well as the Information Booth role which provides support at the Festival Tent.  From time to time, we have Venues Festival Staff opportunities that open up like Venue Manager and Line Manager.

Each Festival, we curate a selection of VR films and our volunteers ensure everyone enjoys their VR experience.  Volunteers can be Greeters, Line Concierges or help with technical troubleshooting.

Volunteer Support is the behind-the-scenes team that ensures everyone is ready for Opening Night!  We’re looking to grow our bench of dedicated, detail-oriented and computer-savvy Volunteer Support Coordinators who know the intricacies of the Festival schedule and team structures.  Together, we:

  • recruit and register new Festival Staff and Festival Crew volunteers
  • assist incoming and returning volunteers with navigating Shiftboard (shift scheduling, communications, team management)
  • respond to volunteer inquiries; communicate important info to Festival volunteers
  • manage Volunteer Orientation
  • check-in volunteers at venues during the Festival

During the Festival, we offer fun and free programs and film screenings for kids, teens, and families.  Youth Pavilion volunteers help with line and entrance management.

If you’d like a behind-the-scenes look at planning the Festival, please consider stepping up into a Festival Staff role.  You can find our current opportunities here.