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Filmgoers worldwide are inspired by the energy and passion that cinema evokes. The Call2Action Program provides a concrete, public platform for those who are moved by the power of film to, well…get moving! The team at BIFF recognizes that film can educate us and raise our awareness around the most pressing local and global issues of our time. We have witnessed the ability of particularly evocative films to tug at the heartstrings. These films compel us to take immediate action and right the wrongs in our world.  We know that film can be a vehicle for positive social change in our communities…that’s why we created the Call2Action Program, and why we are sharing it with film festivals everywhere. Through the use of our open-sourced Toolkit, film festivals across the globe can easily adopt the Call2Action Program, and join the movement to harness the power of film!

We would love to stay connected with you regarding the Call2Action Program, so we simply ask for your name, phone, and email in exchange for the Toolkit. Please submit your information below to download the Toolkit now!

BIFF Dates:

March 13 - 16, 2025

Call For Entries

June 15 - Open
August 16 - Early Deadline
September 12 - Regular Deadline
October 25 - Late Deadline
November 8 - Extended Deadline

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