Call2Action Program Archives - Boulder International Film Festival

Call2Action Program Archives

BIFF 2020 Call2Action Films and Partners

– Gay Chorus Deep South (Out Boulder County)
– The Dog Doc
– Toxic Beauty (CoPirg)
– The Story of Plastic (Eco-Cycle)
– The Euphoria of Being (Blue Moon Dance Company, Anti-Defamation League Mountain States)
– Superpower Dogs (Colorado-Task-Force-1-CO-TF1)
– Back From The Brink: Saved From Extinction (The Nature Conservancy)
– Al WeiWei: Yours Truly (Amnesty International USA)
– Liv (Second Wind Fund)
– Maxima (Denver Justice and Peace Committee)

BIFF 2019 Call2Action Films and Partners

– THE SILENCE OF OTHERS (United Nations Association of Boulder County)
– ANTHROPOCENE: THE HUMAN EPOCH (Pat Shanks, Vice Chair of the Indian Peaks Chapter of the Sierra Club)
– GIANT LITTLE ONES (Out Boulder County)
– BIAS (NAACP Boulder County)
– TIGERLAND (WILD Foundation)
– SAINT JUDY (Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence)
– THE PUBLIC (Bridge HouseAttention HomesBoulder Public Library)
– WEIGHT OF WATER (No Barriers)

BIFF 2018 Call2Action Films and Partners

– STRANGER IN PARADISE (Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder)
– PICK OF THE LITTER (Guide Dogs for the Blind)
– LIYANA (Musical Ambassadors of Peace)
– BENDING THE ARC (Colorado Haiti Project)
– THE DEVIL WE KNOW (Sierra Club – Indian Peaks Group)
– WHAT HAUNTS US (Blue Sky Bridge)

BIFF 2017 Call2Action Films and Partners

– CHASING CORAL (WILD Foundation),
– HOLY (UN)HOLY WATER (Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities),
– GOD KNOWS WHERE I AM (Mental Health Colorado)
– NOWHERE TO HIDE (International Rescue Committee Project)
– SAUTI (VOICE) (Think Humanity)
– SWIM TEAM (Blue Star Recyclers)
– THE BORNEO (Global Greengrants Fund)
– THE ISLANDS AND THE WHALES (The Sierra Club, Colorado Ocean Coalition)

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