Jack Has A Plan - Boulder International Film Festival

Jack Has A Plan

Jack Has A Plan

5 Calls 2 Action:

Co-Presenter: American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid in Dying

1. Learn More: Should you, a friend or a loved have a life-limiting illness, you can learn more about Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) in Colorado on the Compassion and Choices website.

2. Colorado State-wide Support: Support for people considering Medical Aid in Dying throughout our state is available at the newly-formed End of Life Options Colorado organization. Check out their website and join their mailing list to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities. Donations will help them get off the ground.

3. Follow the Story: Boulder author Joanne Tubbs Kelly (recently deceased) wrote “Walking Him Home” about her husband’s live and death from a rare neurological disease. Available at the Boulder Bookstore or on Amazon.

4. Make a Donation: American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid in Dying https://www.acamaid.org/donateonline/.

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