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Fashion Reimagined

Fashion Reimagined

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Action 1: Learn More
Buy less! Think before you buy—do you really need that NEW outfit? Buy secondhand, swap clothes with friends, or rent clothing for special events. Don’t forget to donate your used items to thrift stores when you are done with them. Make reuse an ongoing practice in your life. See our map of thrift stores across Boulder County here. When you do buy new clothes, purchase clothes from sustainable brands. Better tend to the clothes you have! Make your clothes last longer by washing them in cold water and hanging them out to dry rather than using a dryer (and better for the planet too!). Learn to repair and patch our own clothing: e.g., use Noso Patches, watch YouTube videos on how to mend. Utilize local repair shops: for clothes use local tailors (e.g., Sew Fresh Studio in Niwot or Patagonia’s Worn Well program); for shoe repair (e.g., Perry’s in Nederland); for gear repair (e.g., Bare Boulder).

Action 2: Follow the Story
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Action 3: Make a Donation
Eco-Cycle works at the local, state, and national level to advocate for waste reduction, reuse, and recycling (and composting) programs and policy. Help further this work by donating to Eco-Cycle.

Action 4: Attend Events
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Action 5: Lend a Hand
Join Eco-Cycle’s network of more than 1,000 volunteer Eco-Leaders throughout Boulder County! We’ll give you the tools, resources, and knowledge you need to bring Zero Waste to every part of your life, and to share with your community. Sign up at:

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