A River Out Of Time - Boulder International Film Festival

A River Out Of Time

A River Out Of Time

5 Calls 2 Action:

Co-presented by The Nature Conservancy -TNC
Conference on World Affairs – CWA


Action 1: Learn More
TNC: Find out where your water comes from or where your community gets your water, reduce your water use – particularly outdoors, how much water is embedded in food and fiber choices, etc.
If you live in Boulder, you get their water from both the watershed above Boulder but also from Northern Conservancy district, which brings water over the Divide from the Colorado River headwaters (Granby, Grand lake and Rocky Man. national Park). Your drinking water may come from places where your visit or fish, hike, ski or camp. The Front Range gets about 50% of its water from the Colorado River Basin – we all need to care about its future. We are all connected.

CWA: Attend The 57th Annual Conference on World Affairs April 12th-14th (www.colorado.edu/cwa)
This year’s conference will focus on climate issues through the multi-dimensional lenses of the arts, business, science, technology, politics, journalism and more.
UN Water Conference March 22nd-24th www.unwater.org

Climate Innovation Collaboratory (CIC): To learn more about water management issues and solutions within Colorado, read our report here or grab a copy at the TalkBack. To learn more about the work our team is leading in water issues overseas, find more information here.


Action 2: Follow the Story
TNC: Learn more about the Colorado River at nature.org/coloradoriver and nature.org/Colorado. Sign up for TNC’s monthly e-newsletter at http://nature.org/Colorado. They can like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/natureconservancycolorado, tweet us at @nature_colorado and follow us on Instagram @co_nature.

CWA: Learn more about how to volunteer and engage with the change makers. Email: cwa@colorado.edu Instagram: @cwaboulder

CIC: Keep up with the work our team is leading out of the University of Colorado Boulder in both water and wildfire resilience at our website


Action 3: Make a Donation
TNC: Donate at nature.org/Colorado or give through the Colorado Gives Day portal. Lots of organizations are engaged in the Colorado River Basin, Audubon, CWT, etc.

CWA: Sponsor and underwrite the 75th annual Conference on World Affairs supporting free and open dialogue to all (www.giving.cu.edu/fund/conference-world-affairs-fund)

CIC: Consider sponsoring the work of indigenous people in earth science through the Rising Voices Center


Action 4: Attend Events
TNC: Attend the upcoming Conference on World Affairs panels on April 14th dedicated to the Colorado River. Check out at nature.org/Colorado. We also have a young professionals group “The 13ers” for those 21 – 40ish and they get together for events, happy hours, etc.

CWA: Attend the upcoming Conference on World Affairs April 12th-14th with keynotes by National Geographic Explorer & Photographer James Balog & former Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario (www.colorado.edu/cwa/)

CIC: Attend the upcoming WASH symposium March 9-10th (both in person and virtual options) or check out the Rising Voice workshop May 31-June 2


Action 5: Lend a Hand
TNC: Volunteer opportunities will be listed at www.nature.org/Colorado Engage with your elected officials.

CWA: Volunteer and contribute your expertise at www.colorado.edu/cwa/

CIC: Check out volunteer resources at the University of Colorado Boulder here

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