Thousand Ways to Kiss the Ground - Boulder International Film Festival

Thousand Ways to Kiss the Ground

A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Ground

5 Calls 2 Action:

Name of Partner:  American Alpine Club – Climbing Grief Fund

Additional Partners or Panelists:  Trevor Davis and Kestrel Neathawk

Action 1:  Learn More

Please visit our CGF website, which is a resource hub for helping better equip the mental health of the climbing community. Here, folks can access these resources like:

Mental health directory:  A collection of effective mental health professionals evolving the conversation around grief and trauma in the climbing, alpinism and ski mountaineering community.

Psychoeducation: “Thoughts on Grief”, “Grief vs. Trauma” and The Stress Continuum and Recovery by Laura McGladrey PMHNP at the University of Colorado, doing Stress Trauma Adversity Research and Treatment

Story Archive Project:  Video, audio and written stories, including full interviews from the film, A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Ground by Henna TaylorThe film can also be viewed on the main page.

Individual Grants: An opportunity for support related to grief and trauma with a contribution of $600 to pay for therapy and or other therapeutic modalities.

Please visit our website: to learn more!

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From a one-time gift to a monthly donation to joining us as a Great Ranges Fellow, your tax-deductible gift to the American Alpine Club supports any or all core programs of the Club and helps protect the climbing experience for years to come.

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Action 4:  Attend Events

Don’t miss our ongoing series of CGF Talks: Conversations with Sky Yardeni, the former CGF Therapeutic Director, and guest speaker(s) unpacking issues related to grief and resilience in the context of mountain sports.

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Action 5:  Lend a Hand

We, as a club, are guided by a vision of united community of competent climbers and healthy climbing landscapes. To get there, we rely upon a united corps of volunteers who take initiative, get involved, and make many individual strides—small and large—to serve their climbing communities and environments.

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