THE SEEDS OF VANDANA SHIVA - Boulder International Film Festival



5 Calls 2 Action:

Eco-Cycle/City of Boulder  

Community Carbon Farming Campaign and COOL Boulder Initiative 

Action 1: Learn More 

Go to to learn more  about Eco-Cycle’s Community Carbon Farming Campaign, compost demonstration site  pilots, upcoming efforts to help repair Marshall fire-damaged soil, and the COOL Boulder initiative. 

Action 2: Follow the Story 

Stay updated on all things Eco-Cycle by subscribing to our newsletter. Visit to sign up. If you join our Community Carbon Farming campaign,  we’ll provide the most recent updates on the COOL Boulder campaign, efforts to repair  Marshall fire-damaged soil, and more info on the compost demonstration sites as the  programs unfold.  

Action 3: Make a Donation 

Eco-Cycle is a non-profit organization and is raising funds to support all of these efforts.  Visit to donate funds that will help create a  circular compost system in Boulder County, and create natural climate solutions to build  community resilience. 

Action 4: Attend Events

Attend the Conference on World Affairs Regenerative Agriculture events April 6- 9, 2022, to learn more about the topics featured in this film. View the speaker list here.

Visit the Boulder County Farmers Market on Saturdays and Wednesdays throughout the  growing season to meet and support the people who grow local food. 

Join us for an overview webinar of the City of Boulder’s COOL Boulder Initiative on March 30th, 2022 from 6pm-8pm. Learn how each of us can help build a more climate-resilient community, from planting shade trees and pollinator plants, to  heat mapping and soil analysis. Eco-Cycle is honored to be the host for our two  speakers from the City of Boulder who will be providing an overview of this  hopeful new initiative. 

Action 5: Lend a Hand 

The City of Boulder’s COOL Boulder Initiative offers a variety of ways each of us can  help build a more climate-resilient community. There are five main teams—choose one,  some or all! Learn more about each opportunity to participate and sign up by attending  our overview webinar on March 30, or use this signup form.  

(NOTE: While this pilot initiative will take place in the city of Boulder, the intention is to  develop a model that can be shared with other Boulder County communities and 

beyond. Everyone is invited to participate, though you will need to travel into Boulder for  hands-on elements.) 

Plant and Protect 

This team will literally “dig in” and help plant and maintain trees, pollinator habitat, and other  important landscape features like shrubs. Learn more and/or Sign up for this team! 

Grow and Share 

This team will help create a supply of plants and critical support materials needed for planting  success, including high quality soil, compost, biochar and mulch in ways that lower cost and  increase accessibility. Learn more and/or Sign up for this team! 

Become a Community Resource 

Participants in these teams will be trained to help community members with plant selection,  planting guidelines and best practices, ongoing maintenance, and problem identification and  solutions. Learn more and/or Sign up for this team! 

Become a Community Scientist 

Participants in this action area will have the opportunity to join one or more teams gathering  data critical to developing natural climate solutions. These areas include: (1) urban heat  mapping; (2) bee/invertebrate surveys; and (3) soils and land health assessment. Learn more and/or Sign up for this team!

Learn more about all of our gracious sponsors at the full sponsors list landing page!

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