Beijing Spring - Boulder International Film Festival

Beijing Spring

Beijing Spring

5 Calls 2 Action:

Amnesty International USA with Beijing Spring

Action 1. Learn More

Visit website

to see the scope and depth of human rights coverage by the largest grassroots human rights organization in the world.

Action 2. Follow the Story 

AIUSA  members in Colorado donate to AIUSA’s human rights work, but also take actions, letter-writing or calling governmental officials, every month, or every week, or in some extraordinary cases of government misconduct, many times a day! See the work they do.

Action 3. Educate your self 

Learn how so many around the world are wedding together: 

Arts and Human Rights

Arts and Resistance

Arts and Protest

Action 4. Lend a hand and Take Urgent  Action

Write letters urging the immediate and unconditional release of Zhang Zhan from imprisonment in China.  Zhang Zhan is young woman in China, a whistle-blower, jailed  for revealing truths about Covid-19  which Chinese officials want kept secret.  Zhang Zhan’s sentence is four years, but in similar cases, imprisonment is re-newed indefinitely.




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