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Youth v Gov

Youth v Gov

5 Calls 2 Action:

Action 1:  Learn More

To learn more about the film and how YOU can take action on holding your government, please visit our website and sign up: take-action

To learn more about the Juliana vs. United States lawsuit and other youth-led climate litigations, please visit Our Children’s Trust:

Action 2:  Follow the Story

Please follow us on social media: @youthvgovfilm

Sign up for our newsletter and receive updates on our impact work and the case:

Action 3:  Make a Donation

To support the impact work that we are doing with Youth v Gov and in communities across the country, please visit: or you can donate directly to our Venmo account (see QR code below).

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to our impact campaign, please do so through our fiscal sponsor, The Redford Center (Paypal QR code below):  – please send an email to Jonathan White ( so that Youth v Gov is credited with the donation.

Action 4:  Attend Events

If you loved Youth v Gov and you’d like to share it with others to see, the best way is to share our FESTIVALS page for upcoming screenings (scan QR code)

You can also request a screenings for your organization, company, church, or school and partner with a local non-profit to hold your government accountable on the climate crisis:

Action 5: Lend a Hand

You can support the Juliana vs. United States plaintiffs by asking your members of Congress to sign onto a congressional concurrent resolution (S.Con.Res.8 H.Con.Res.31) that recognizes Children’s Fundamental Rights and Climate Recovery. CONTACT YOUR SENATOR OR REPRESENTATIVE

Our Children’s Trust represents the 21 youth in the Juliana case. They also have seven ongoing state cases around the U.S. and support over 20 cases globally. There are many ways you can support their work:

-young people can participate in future legal actions

-attorneys can contribute pro bono time

-write a letter to the editor of your local or school newspaper

-ask city councils, elected officials, schools, faith communities or businesses to sign a Declaration of Support for the Juliana plaintiffs.

Learn more about all of our gracious sponsors at the full sponsors list landing page!

See more sponsors at our insider news page!