Playing With Sharks - Boulder International Film Festival

Playing With Sharks

Playing With Sharks

5 Calls 2 Action:

Action 1: Learn More 

Visit the Inland Ocean Coalition website for more information on how to protect the ocean when you can’t see it and check out our programs  –  Ocean Protection, Watershed Health, Plastic Reduction, and Ocean and Climate Change programs  –

Action 2: Follow the Story

Sign up for our newsletter to learn about how to volunteer, participate in an event, and join our Inland Ocean Ambassador Certification Training –

Action 3: Make a Donation 

Support the Inland Ocean Movement – we need everyone, not just coastal folks to protect our ocean – consider making a donation-

Action 4: Attend Events 

We have many events in the Boulder region – consider attending a couple:

July 31 – Dinner on the Boulder Reservoir Beach at the new event center, the Driftwind

September 23 – Masquerade Mermaid Ball at the Driftwind, Boulder Reservoir – enter the costume contest with a whimsical and oceanic theme

Action 5: Lend a Hand

The Inland Ocean Coalition’s approach is unique in that we give inland communities a voice in protecting our ocean by empowering them to become ocean champions in their communities and connecting them with their legislative leaders. 

Our unique niche allows us to work with our chapter network and supporters around the country to convey to our legislative leaders that we all have a stake in ocean protection, even if we live inland. 

We hope you’ll join us as we work to build ocean conservation constituencies around the US. To get involved, please visit:

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