Tell Me When 2021 - Boulder International Film Festival

Tell Me When 2021


JUNE 24 - JUNE 27, 2021


UK, Feature Documentary, 2020, 104 min

“Ronnie’s made me cheer, laugh and weep. I am beyond speechless. It’s a revelation that’s beautifully, sensitively and perfectly presented.” Stephen Fry

Featuring never-before-seen footage of some of the greatest jazz stars of all time.

In 1959, tenor-saxist Ronnie Scott started a jazz club in London that was a huge success from the very beginning to today. The club has been the ground-zero of jazz in Europe for six decades, and has featured legends like Miles Davis, Oscar Peterson, Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Roland Kirk, Van Morrison, Buddy Rich and Nina Simone, and included superstars like Prince, Lady Gaga and Jimi Hendrix, who made his last spectacular performance at Ronnie’s before his death. Ronnie himself died in 1996, remembered for the money he had handed out to down-on-their-luck musicians, many of whom made their comebacks right there at Ronnie’s. The film not only shines a light on the world-famous club’s 60-year history, but on the inner darkness that Ronnie lived with throughout his life.

Directed by Oliver Murray
Colorado Premiere


US, Costa Rica, Feature Film, 2021, 91 min.

Winner of an Audience Award at SXSW

When Adam’s (Mark Duplass) husband surprises him with weekly Spanish lessons, he’s unsure about where or how this new element will fit into his already structured life. But when tragedy strikes, his online Spanish teacher, Cariño (Natalie Morales), becomes a lifeline he didn’t know he needed. Adam develops an unexpected and complicated emotional bond with Cariño via the internet—but do you really know someone just because you’ve experienced a traumatic moment with them? Bittersweet, honest, and at times darkly funny, Language Lessons is a disarmingly moving exploration of platonic love. Subtitled

Cast: Mark Duplass, Natalie Morales, Desean Terry
Directed by Natalie Morales
Written by Mark Duplass & Natalie Morales
Shout! Studios
Colorado premiere


USA, Israel, Feature Documentary, 2020, 85 minutes

Dr. Nof Atamna-Ismaeel – the first Muslim Arab to win Israel’s MasterChef – is on a quest to make social change through food. And so she founded the A-Sham Arabic Food Festival, where pairs of Arab and Jewish chefs collaborate on traditional and exotic dishes like kishek (a Syrian yogurt soup), and qatayef (a dessert typically served during Ramadan). A film about hope, synergy and mouth-watering fare, Breaking Bread celebrates unique cultural heritages and a common love of cooking, proving that there is no room for religion and politics in the kitchen.

Directed by Beth Elise Hawk
Boulder Premiere


USA, Feature Documentary, 2021, 99 minutes

Snowcat mechanic Mike Alves was outside his maintenance garage when he heard the sound of twigs snapping. Snow avalanches do not roar and the twigs snapping were actually 100 ft. trees. It was 1982 and this was the worst blizzard in Lake Tahoe’s history; it had already snowed 7 feet in 5 days with wind gusts of 120 miles per hour. In a split second, millions of pounds of snow hurtled down the side of the mountain demolishing Alpine Meadows base area buildings and burying the parking lot. A crew of 150 volunteers spent the next five days digging with hand shovels during the continuing blizzard. Over the next five days, they found 8 bodies, but continued frantically, because there was still one person missing and all avalanche rescuers believe in miracles.

Directed by Jared Drake, Steven Siig
Jared Drake and Steven Siig In person
Boulder Premiere

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