2022 Awards - Boulder International Film Festival

2022 Awards

Congratulations to all Winners of the 2022
Boulder International Film Festival!

2020 Awards

BIFF 2022 Award Winners

Actor Javier Bardem – Outstanding Performer of the Year
Best Feature Film — Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea
Best Feature Documentary—Bernstein’s Wall
Best Music Documentary— Stay Prayed Up
Best Adventure Feature Film — Exposure
Best Adventure Short Film — Learning to Drown
Best Short Film — On My Mind
Best Animated Short Film — Yellowstone 88–Song of Fire
Best Documentary Short Film — 1-2-3 The Len Barry Story
BIFF Impact Award — Refuge
People’s Choice Award — This is [Not] Who We Are
People’s Choice Award Short Film — Breaking Trail
CineCHEF Winner — Linda Hamsten Fox, The Bindery

Thank you for another amazing 2022 festival year!

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