Volunteer For BIFF 2018

2018 Volunteer Festival Staff Opportunities

Starting now we have the following volunteer opportunities to work with us as a member of the BIFF 2018 Festival Staff.  If you have some time between now and February 25, please take a look at the list of volunteer staff positions below. If you’re interested and think you may be qualified for one of these positions, please contact our executive producer at Kevin@biff1.com. 

Volunteer Department Database Manager

Over 450 members of the Boulder Community volunteer for BIFF every year and we’re in need of someone who can help our volunteer coordination team manage and maintain our online volunteer system. The person in this position will become our resident ‘expert’ on Shiftboard, the online web application program used by film festivals around the country to schedule and manage volunteers.  Digital literacy and/or a comfort level with online digital tools is essential.

Events Department Manager

BIFF puts on the best parties! We need someone to lead our team of volunteer event producers for BIFF 2018.  Each producer is responsible for set number of events during the Festival and our Events Manager helps organize the team, coordinates volunteer scheduling, music and some sponsorship arrangements. This position has a broad scope so send us an email and let’s talk!

Merchandise Department Manager

This person is responsible for planning and implementation of BIFF merchandise sales and stations during the Festival.  Our merch manager helps determine quantities and sizes for t-shirt and hats, researches vendors, work with our graphic designer on specifications, and with the help of volunteers, sets up and organizes the merch sales points at BIFF!

Technical Producer

BIFF is looking for someone with a general technical background to help with a couple of projects during the Festival.  We’re going to have HD monitors running in various locations around the festival, Wi-Fi setups in a few locations and theatrical lighting installations.  This person would help make the plan and lead the team of volunteers responsible for installing and maintaining the BIFF technical infrastructure during the Festival.

Event Producers

Volunteers in this group are each responsible for producing one or two of our very special parties during the Festival.  You’ll be working independently for the most part, so It’s a good idea to have a production background if you’re going to be an event producer at BIFF.  If you’re interested in being an associate producer here, this is a great place to learn about event production.

Stage Managers

BIFF is seeking experienced stage managers to help us keep our film programs informative, efficient and running on schedule.  This is a volunteer position that requires a good deal of technical expertise, theatrical or production experience, and great people skills.  You’ll be leading a team that includes video projection, sound, lighting, and communicating directly with BIFF moderators and guests.

If any of these volunteer opportunities tickles your fancy, please contact our executive producer at kevin@biff1.com.


Thank you! We couldn’t do it without you!