Short Films 3

In a Nutshell

Switzerland, Short Animation, 2017, 6 min

From a seed to war, from meat to love, from indifference to apocalypse: this film is an attempt to capture the world in a nutshell. Subtitled.

Directed by Fabio Friedli


Iran, Short Film, 2017, 20 min

Maryam’s husband has just had a bad accident at home, and now she has a big decision to make. Subtitled.

Directed by Kaveh Mazaheri

The Driver is Red

USA, Short Documentary, 2017, 15 min

Set in Argentina in 1960, this exciting true-crime film follows secret agent Zvi Aharoni as he searches for a mysterious man named Ricardo Klement. What he discovered in the remote outskirts of Buenos Aires would send shock waves around the world.

Directed by Randall Christopher

Two Strangers Who Meet 5 Times

UK, Short Film, 2017, 12 min

Two strangers meet at five key turning points over the duration of their lives.

Directed by Marcus Markou

The Peculiar Abilities of Mr. Mahler

Germany, Short Film, 2017, 29 min

East Germany, 1987: The great East German investigator Mr. Mahler, rumored to have psychic abilities, works desperately to solve the case of a missing 6-year-old boy before this issue blows up his country's fragile detente with the West. Subtitled.

Directed by Paul Philipp


Germany, Short Animation, 2009, 3 min

A hamster is chasing his true love around the globe. Will he get her?

Directed by Jacob Frey and Harry Fast