The Witness

United States, 89 mins, Feature Documentary


?This gut-wrenching doc is as deeply moving as it is enlightening.? HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Fifty years ago, the name ?Kitty Genovese? became synonymous with urban apathy after news that she was savagely stabbed to death on a New York City street while 38 witnesses did nothing. Forty years later, her younger brother Bill decides to find the truth buried beneath the story. What if Kitty?s story is an urban myth? In 2004, The New York Times seriously criticized its own original reporting, and the late Mike Wallace admitted that the story was ?a media creation? to a certain degree. In a 10-year investigation, Bill seeks to find the truth by confronting the witnesses, the killer, their families and his own. In the process, he uncovers a lie that transformed his life, condemned a city and defined an era.

Directed by James Solomon

Co-produced by Melissa Jacobson

Colorado Premiere

James Solomon and Melissa Jacobson in person