Volunteer For BIFF 2017

If you’re interested in helping with BIFF 2017 there are two ways you can get involved. If you have some time right now, you can become a member of our Festival Staff and start helping right away. (Take a look below for current opportunities).  The second way is to volunteer for a shift or two at the Festival itself, March 2 – 5, 2017, as a part of our Festival Crew.

To register for either of these, please press the Shiftboard button below and create an account or log in to the account you already have if you’ve worked a previous BIFF.



Current Festival Staff Opportunities

Starting now we have volunteer opportunities to work with us as a member of the BIFF 2017 Festival Staff.  If you have some time between now and March, please take a look at the list of volunteer staff positions below. If you’re interested and think you may be qualified for one of these positions, please contact our volunteer team at volunteer@biff1.com. 

Sustainability Co-Manager

The sustainability team helps keep BIFF a green film festival!  The managers of sustainability provide project management, coordination, and continual education to further our continual quest to become a zero waste event (we’re so close!). They also provide training to BIFF volunteers and help increase attendee and sponsor engagement around our sustainability initiatives.

Volunteer Co-Manager 

Help us devise and execute programs for the over 400 members of the Boulder community that volunteer to work the Festival every year.  This position is responsible for helping lead our volunteer team which works on behalf of our amazing volunteers.  This will also involve helping folks register and work with our online volunteer system, so digital literacy and a comfort level with web databases is essential.

Technical Producer

BIFF is looking for someone with a general technical background to help with a couple of projects during the Festival.  We’re going to have HD monitors running in various locations around the festival, Wi-Fi setups in a few locations and theatrical lighting installations.  This person would help make the plan and lead the team of volunteers responsible for installing and maintaining the BIFF technical infrastructure during the Festival.

Senior Outreach Coordinator

Every year we give away big BIFF bundles of tickets to Boulder and Longmont Senior Centers and Nederland Senior Services through the Circle of Care program. BIFF senior outreach coordinates directly with Circle of Care and assists attending seniors before and after each film to ensure they have a fun and safe experience.

Venue Managers

During the Festival, our team of amazing venue managers are the glue that holds everything together. They are in charge of managing each our film venues, our audience, and our volunteers staff, some of the brightest, fun people in Boulder. They make sure the Festival is running smoothly, communicating with all other groups working the venue, including stage managers, box office managers, building managers, line managers and others. Folks in this position are great communicators and have usually had some level of management experience.

Stage Managers

BIFF is seeking experienced stage managers to help us keep our film programs informative, efficient and running on schedule.  This is a volunteer position that requires a good deal of technical expertise, theatrical or production experience, and great people skills.  You’ll be leading a team that includes video projection, sound, lighting, and communicating directly with BIFF moderators and guests.

Web Content Manager

BIFF is looking for a volunteer with great web/graphic design skills to help make our website even more vibrant and interactive. You could help our principal designer and web team constantly improve our most important communication tool. Familiarity with WordPress is handy here.

Call 2 Action Talk Back Producer 

BIFF is looking for someone to produce the Call 2 Action department of the festival. The job would entail identifying nonprofit organizations regarding film topics and specific areas of interest, while recruiting and training volunteers to assist with the program. This person would work with Call 2 Action groups on marketing films to their constituencies. They would also compile all C2A info for the BIFF program and website. And be prepared to attend offsite meetings with the committee to discuss regular updates.

If any of these volunteer opportunities tickle your fancy, please contact our volunteer team at volunteer@biff1.com.


Thank you!