Our Call2Action Program

Call2Action Tent (2)      Inside Call2Action Tent 2

Filmgoers worldwide are inspired by the energy and passion that cinema evokes. The Call2Action Program provides a concrete, public platform for those who are moved by the power of film to get moving! The team at BIFF recognizes that film can educate us and raise our awareness around the most pressing local and global issues of our time. We have witnessed the ability of particularly evocative films to tug at the heartstrings. These films compel us to take immediate action and right the wrongs in our world.

The Call2Action Program creates deeper exchanges between the filmmaker, the audience, and an organization involved with the films subject matter. These groups market and publicize the film to their networks and collaborate with the filmmaker in developing concrete “action items” for the audience.  After the screening, audience members convene in our large “Call2Action” tent outside our main venue, for extended post-film discussions where the public is able to further engage with the visiting filmmakers and organizations and learn concrete ways to translate energy into action on important issues.

To get involved in the Call2Action Program, please email staff@biff1.com.

BIFF 2018 Call2Action Films and Partners

Stranger in Paradise

Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder – www.uuchurchofboulder.org

Five Action Steps

  1. Support our Sanctuary Guest, Ingrid Encalada LaTorre financially.
  2. Sign Ingrid’s Petition
  3. Ingrid’s partner, Eliseo, was detained, and ICE admitted it was related to Ingrid being in Sanctuary. Sign his Petition
  4. Support I-Drive Colorado
  5. Support Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder and help cover a budget gap created by their decision to become a Sanctuary Congregation.


Pick of the Litter

Guide Dogs for the Blind – www.guidedogs.com  

STEPS-FOR-ACTION by Guide Dogs for the Blind (guidedogs.com)

Be friendly. Blindness can be isolating; take a moment to say hi, but always ask before petting a guide dog. (guidedogs.com/etiquette ).

Raise a future canine hero. Join our volunteer puppy raisers who usher our puppies down the path to becoming guide dogs (guidedogs.com/puppy).

Refer a friend.  If you know someone who is blind or visually impaired and could benefit from our services, please let them know all of our services are provided for free and invite them to learn more (guidedogs.com/programs).

Donate. Guide Dogs for the Blind provides receives no government funding and relies on the generosity of our donors (guidedogs.com/donate).

Follow us on social media. You’ll find more info about our life-changing mission, enjoy some great stories about our clients, and meet some adorable pups (Facebook.com/guidedogsfortheblind).

Comal Heritage Food Incubator – www.focuspoints.org/about2

Five Action Steps

  1. Educate. Start with educating yourself on the number of refugees resettled to the USA versus total number of refugees displaced world-wide. Learn about the contributions that refugees bring to our country and share that knowledge with everyone you know. Refugees contribute way more to our society than they take from it!
  2. Advocate. Write to your elected officials and demand that the number of refugees resettled to the USA should be much higher than it is.
  3. Become a friend. Refugees are very resilient individuals. They had overcome a lot by the time they arrive here. It is then, in the safe place that the healing process begins. Be there for them! Welcome them to your city, welcome them to your home. Show them they are not alone! Teach them way of life in their new community!
  4. Donate. Refugee resettlement agencies are incredibly underfunded. Please consider donating. Your funds will go towards refugee families first meal, first comfortable bed in a while, towards their rent. Donate household items…after all most refugees only come with a suit case to start their new life.
  5. Hire a refugee. Most refugees are just waiting for an opportunity to get back to their ‘normal’ lives. Often that starts with the ability to provide for themselves and their families. Give them that opportunity! You will not regret it!


Musical Ambassadors of Peace – www.musicalambassadorsofpeace.org

Five Action Items

  1. Spread The Word – Tell others about this movie, and what you learned.  In this current climate of fear over immigration and refugees, you can help open the minds of those who are still in fear of other cultures and help dispel misconceptions about vulnerable populations.
  2. Learn – Check out our website https://musicalambassadorsofpeace.org/ and learn about the work we are doing and our mission to train and fund musical ambassadors who travel the world to build cross-cultural bridges, honor and preserve indigenous musical traditions and help heal those traumatized by war. 
  3. Donate – help us keep our Ambassadors working! We currently have programs benefiting Iraqi, Syrian, Afghani refugee women including the Yazidi women recently freed from 2 years of sex slavery under ISIS.  https://musicalambassadorsofpeace.org/donations/
  4. Encourage – If you know someone who may be interested in becoming a musical ambassador, encourage them to contact us, explore our website and learn more about becoming a musical ambassador.  
  5. Become A Musical Ambassador – If you have a love and a skill for playing World Indigenous music, have a desire to travel and build bridges with foreign cultures, then please visit  https://musicalambassadorsofpeace.org/become-musical-ambassador/ and consider becoming a musical ambassador!

Bending the Arc

Colorado Haiti Project – www.coloradohaitiproject.org

Five Action Items

  1. Visit our website and learn about our work in Haiti to educate kids, support community health, create jobs, and empower girls. www.coloradohaitiproject.org
  2. Drop by our office at the Rayback Collective, 2775 Valmont Rd., to learn more about volunteering with us. We are recruiting volunteers to help plan our two fundraisers, Evening for Haiti in April and our fall Farm Dinner. There are other volunteer opportunities as well! www.coloradohaitiproject.org/volunteer
  3. Sponsor a child at St. Paul’s school. St. Paul’s School has provided education to over 5,000 children since it was founded with CHP support in 1989. St. Paul’s proudly operates a student gardens and agriculture program, a girls’ and women’s empowerment program, courses on entrepreneurship, and an early childhood education center. www.coloradohaitiproject.org/donate-now
  4. Take a trip to Haiti this year and build relationships with the community of Petit Trou. Email thenry@coloradohaitiproject.org
  5. Attend Evening for Haiti on April 22 from 5 to 8 at the Tivoli Turnhalle in Denver. This is our annual fundraiser which includes dinner, an auction, and a celebration of the beauty of Haitian leadership and community. https://www.coloradohaitiproject.org/updates-and-events/2018/2/2/save-the-date-evening-for-haiti

The Devil We Know

Sierra Club – Indian Peaks Group – www.sierraclub.org/colorado/indian-peaks

What Haunts Us

Blue Sky Bridge – www.blueskybridge.org


BIFF 2017 Call2Action Films and Partners

The 2017 Call2Action films are
– CHASING CORAL (WILD Foundation),
– HOLY (UN)HOLY WATER (Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities),
– GOD KNOWS WHERE I AM (Mental Health Colorado)
– NOWHERE TO HIDE (International Rescue Committee Project)
– SAUTI (VOICE) (Think Humanity)
– SWIM TEAM (Blue Star Recyclers)
– THE BORNEO (Global Greengrants Fund)
Colorado Ocean Coalition)

BIFF 2016 Call2Action Films and Partners

The 2016 Call2Action films are
– LANDFILL HARMONIC (Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts),
– MAYA ANGLOU AND STILL I RISE (Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe),
– LEFT ON PURPOSE (Suicide Prevention Coalition of ColoradoMental Health PartnersHopeCoalition)
– EVERY FACE HAS A NAME (One Action 2016 Arts + Immigration Project)
– HUNTWATCH (Colorado Voters for AnimalsInternational Fund for Animal Welfare)
– SONITA (Strongheart Group)
– UNDER THE GUN (Mom’s Demand Action-For Gun Sense in America)
– CODE (National Center for Women and Information Technology)

BIFF 2015 Call2Action Films and Partners

The 2015 Call2Action films are
– THE HAND THAT FEEDS (Towards Justice),
– HIP HOP-ERATION (Society for Creative Aging),
– JEFF LOWE’S METANOIA (Jeff Lowe Mountain Foundation)
– OF MEN AND WAR (No Barriers)
– A PLACE TO STAND (Art from Ashes)
– IMBER’S LEFT HAND (The ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter)
– SLINGSHOT (Second Mile Water)
– RACING EXTINCTION (Oceanic Preservation Society)

Download the 2015 Call2Action flyer to take five steps-for-action for any of these films.

BIFF 2014 Call2Action Films and Partners

STEPS-FOR-ACTION by Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado

  1. Know the 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s, and Take Control of Your Future.
  2. Volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado in the office, on the Helpline, at a special event, or with our speaker’s bureau.
  3. Donate to support the free programs and services for people across our state living with Alzheimer’s as well as research to find a cure.
  4. Advocate for an End to Alzheimer’s by joining with others throughout the U.S. responding to alerts on key legislative issues.
  5. Walk to End Alzheimer’s and raise funds with your team at one of the 10 Walks planned for August and September in Colorado.
  1. Communicate! Do you speak another language? Great! Next time you meet someone you assume does too, empower them as learners and try the interaction in English.
  2. Say hello! Next time you notice yourself avoiding eye contact with someone who appears different than you, make a point of saying hello.
  3. Ask questions! Every person in our community has a story to tell. The more we share, the more we connect.
  4. Learn! Learn more about local immigrant demographics in the Community Foundation’s Boulder County Trends Report.
  5. Connect with Intercambio! We are always looking for English teachers and volunteers willing to host monthly events open to the public!

STEPS-FOR-ACTION by Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center

  1. Use Your Voice! Think it can’t happen here? Think again! Two bills currently in the Colorado Legislature, as well as an initiative on the Nov. 2014 ballot, would ban abortion in the State of Colorado. Get involved! Protect women’s access to reproductive services in Colorado! Two things you can do right now: (1) Contact your state representatives and tell them to oppose H.B. 1133, which would ban abortion in the state of Colorado and make it a class 3 felony. Find your state legislators here. (2) Mark your calendar to VOTE on Nov. 4! Vote NO on the Personhood Amendment, which would grant full legal rights of personhood to fertilized eggs. Coloradans already rejected this amendment in 2008 and 2010, but it is back again. Let the Personhood backers know that “NO means NO!”
  2. Sign Up for the Women’s Health “Advocacy & Action” Report. Stay informed on policies affecting reproductive rights and health through our weekly e-newsletter, Advocacy & Action. Sign up on our website or via email, lisa@bvwhc.org.
  3. Get Your Health Care at Boulder Valley Women’s Health! Women’s Health is your locally-based, socially conscious, reproductive healthcare experts. Quality care for the insured and the uninsured. See our services here.
  4. Enroll in Health Insurance – We Can Help! Confused by the options and requirements under the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”)? We have an enrollment specialist on site who can answer your questions and help you enroll in Medicaid. Come see us! Already have insurance? Encourage friends, family and your adult children to enroll! Start here!
  5. Donate to Women’s Health. Donors are advocates for our mission, enabling us to serve thousands of adults and teens each year. When you give your money or time to us, you will be directly helping someone in our local community. Click here to give your tax deductible gift.

STEPS-FOR-ACTION by Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter

  1. Read the Label! To avoid possible health problems from pesticide residues and GMO ingredients, try to buy only  certified organic products. Read the label of all processed food products and avoid products with ingredients that you don’t recognize.
  2. Inform yourself! To help you understand ingredients and identify unhealthful ones, join or visit the websites of groups like the Center for Food Safety, Pesticide Action Network, ConsumerLab, Organic Consumers Association , etc.
  3. Know your plastics! Harmful plastic contaminants are ubiquitous. Avoid drinking from, wearing, storing food in, or microwaving food in plastics that are not labelled “BPA Free.” Avoid PVC items, especially if you can detect the characteristic odor of that plastic. Avoid plastic furniture or clothing containing fire retardants.
  4. Speak up!: Harmful contaminants in household items are ultimately a creature of politics. Some the groups mentioned above monitor federal and state agencies that are supposed to regulate products containing toxic contents and send out timely alerts. Urge your elected representatives to make sure that health and safety regulatory agencies are not captives of the industries they regulate and have sufficient funding to do their work
  5. Avoid toxic exposure to children! Parents or prospective parents must be especially careful to avoid toxic or hormone-mimicking exposures to their children. Check out the Sierra Club’s website on toxics.

STEPS-FOR-ACTION by Center for ReSource Conservation

  1. Connect with ReSource Boulder! Check out our website resourceyard.org, follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook.
  2. Take a trip to ReSource Boulder! Come and see the ReSource yard (6400 Arapahoe) and talk to our staff about ways to conserve natural resources in your home and community, including water conservation through our Garden-in-a-Box program and our Slow the Flow Water Audits.
  3. Donate materials! Take action to simplify your life by looking through your home, storage unit, barn, garage, attic, crawlspace, and workshop and donate your unwanted building materials to ReSource Boulder.
  4. Volunteer! Donate your time and energy here at ReSource Boulder and learn about conserving natural resources through our innovative landfill diversion programs.
  5. Build! Create something from reclaimed materials using the Tool Library at ReSource Boulder and get advice from the staff.


  1. Host a Benefit Screening! Connect with supporters and increase community involvement by hosting a screening of our Make A Hero films “The Current” and “The Movement” that both highlight individuals with disabilities who have overcome limitations to experience the freedom of adaptive sports.
  2. Share your passion for adaptive sports! Join Make a Hero on social media. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and our YouTube Channel!
  3. Share your story! You can submit your story to our blog! Celebrate your accomplishment or that of someone who means the world to you. By sharing your experience with adaptive sports, you empower others.
  4. Give your time, talent, and treasure! Become an adaptive sports volunteer, and gain a valuable, life-improving experience. Make a donation today to support amazing people in your community!
  5. Connect with an adaptive sports group in your area! Utilize Make A Hero’s database to locate a group…or add one that you know of to the list!

STEPS-FOR-ACTION by God Loves Uganda and the Center for Constitutional Rights

  1. Be part of the discussion…today! Attend the BIFF Global Town Hall at 1PM today, February 14th, in eTown hall to participate in a discussion with filmgoers, experts, God Loves Uganda filmmaker Roger Ross Williams, and virtual participants from around the world!
  2. Join the movement! The God Loves Uganda engagement campaign will broaden the movement opposing the U.S. exportation of hate and intolerance. Learn more, get involved, and donate via the film’s website.
  3. Host a screening! Spread awareness to your network, and especially to faith communities and faith leaders who might benefit from seeing the film.  Add your voice and others’ to oppose violence and intolerance.
  4. Raise your voice! Write to US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Ugandan Ambassador to the US, Oliver Wonekha, to urge them to do everything they can to stop the Anti-Homosexuality bills in Uganda and in other African nations.
  5. Give! Stand on the frontlines of social justice by contributing to the Center for Constitutional Rights’ Crowdrise campaign that is working towards building a lawsuit against Scott Lively, the US-based extremist behind the “Kill the Gays” law.

STEPS-FOR-ACTION by Music & Memory

  1. Promote an iPod Donation Drive! An iPod donation drive is a great way to collect gently used digital devices for people who need them most, support your local community or a sister community in need, and raise awareness for Music & Memory. Check out this manual for all the info you need to initiate your iPod drive!
  2. Initiate a Music & Memory Service Project! Here’s a guide to show you how! This is a wonderful activity for a grade school, high school or college community service project; church, synagogue or mosque community outreach; or service club program.
  3. Raise Community Awareness! If you love community organizing and are comfortable working with the media, you can help us spread awareness of Music & Memory and how our program could benefit nursing home residents in your area. Here are a few ideas: 1) Help us to identify corporate sponsors in your community who could team with area elder care professionals to bring our Music & Memory certification program to their facilities. 2) Arrange for a screening of our documentary, Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory. 3) Coordinate a benefit concert to raise funds and collect iPods for Music & Memory.
  4. Become a Music & Memory Ambassador! Is there a nursing home in your community that hasn’t heard of our personalized music program? We need your help to introduce Music & Memory. We’ll be glad to assist you and answer any of your questions along the way. Download guidelines from our Volunteer page to get started.
  5. Manage an online fundraiser! You can manage your fundraiser online using Razoo®. Download the quick-start guide here.

STEPS-FOR-ACTION by Frack Free Colorado

  1. Join the Effort! Learn more and connect with others who are fighting fracking by joining Frack Free Colorado, Food and Water Watch, and the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter.
  2. Protect our State! Connect with Protect Our Colorado to get involved in the state-wide effort to stop fracking in Colorado.
  3. Express your Concern! Testify at the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission on February 19th. Ask for better protections – such as required air quality monitoring – for people and communities who live next to well pads. Click here for talking points to learn more.
  4. Support Solar Energy and Renewable Energy Jobs! Oppose the Public Utility Commission (PUC) plan that would cut incentives for roof-top solar. Learn more and take action through the Clean Energy Action website.
  5. Use Your Voice! Oppose fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that will increase natural gas exports and continue to expand U.S. fracking operations. Let Representative Jared Polis know you are opposed to TPP at his Boulder office: (303) 484-9596 or send an email. While you’re at it, let President Obama also know your thoughts!

STEPS-FOR-ACTION by Facing History & Ourselves

  1. Encourage! Check out Facing History and how we help teachers use history to nurture ethical decision-makers; encourage teachers you know to visit our website!
  2. Read! Download and read our resource, Totally Unofficial: Rafael Lemkin and the Genocide Convention. This case study of Lemkin challenges us to think deeply about what it will take for individuals, groups, and nations to take up the challenge of preventing any future genocide.
  3. Learn! Educate yourself about the International Criminal Court, the first permanent international court in history created to investigate and prosecute individual perpetrators, no matter how powerful, for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Tell teachers you know to teach about it.
  4. Watch! View Nuremberg Remembered a 13-minute video featuring the reflections of Ben Ferencz and others who participated in the Nuremberg Trials, which took place from 1945-1949.
  5. Understand! Read The Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide by Samantha Power. Hear directly from American decision-makers and dissenters, as well as from victims of genocide to better understand just what was known and what might have been done while millions perished in modern-day genocides.